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by Gain
Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:20 pm
Forum: Strategy & Guides
Topic: Fusion Cauldroning 101
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Re: Fusion Cauldroning 101

I just unlocked Balmungs, but realized I don't really have access to flawless/epic items on the same level. Is the most efficient way to get to legendaries (material wise) to fuse two Balmungs CF and then three Balmungs E?
by Gain
Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:09 am
Forum: City Recruitment
Topic: Bladeheim wants you! (Casual city)
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Re: Bladeheim wants you! (Casual city)

If you are still searching, I'd love to join you. Started playing (again) a few weeks ago and I'm looking for a casual yet active (and actively raiding) city. nolop#46941 Level 36 ~150M invested very active Since my current city is pretty dead, I put all my gold into shop upgrades. So if the relativ...

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