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Re: Shop Heroes News 6/30/17

Postby Isabel » Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:29 pm

sorry for my english i use a translator this time

Why the fact that you decide to launch the game in china is our problem to us? Why is it that you start the game in China? I respect the fact that it gives you more work but I do not understand that you find it normal to not leave anything for the players, which I remind you has made the game what it is and that gave you the opportunity To get him out in china. Seriously you should be a little embarrassed to get out this kind of news then that nothing is for us. What I understand and that surely many players who plays since 2015 will understand is that we hoped for an update with real new content that will never happen because since the beginning you dedicate to China and others. . . How to blame players who feel wronged and frustrated by what looks more and more has a form of contempt towards them. . . For more than a year the promise of new real stimulating content has been repeated months after month, we have had very few but many packs to get the money out of the pockets of the players. Many old players were waiting and hoping that all this delay was to be epic but again it's not for us. . .

Do you really care about your 2015 players and + 1 year players?? if yes take action, REAL action to give them whats they deserve.

this message is write with respect

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