Crafting/Fusing Legendaries

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Crafting/Fusing Legendaries

Postby xenogenics » Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:01 am

Hello, new poster here.

I need lots of Legendary MoonBoots, MoonWalkers, NoblePlates, Winged Sandals for my efficient questing team.

What are some of the item combinations that I can use to make my goal a little less daunting?

Some tips I know are 1 Flawless and 3 Great makes good chance for Epics.

I dont really understand the 1 Common 1 Flawless formula.

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Re: Crafting/Fusing Legendaries

Postby Shiroe » Fri Dec 30, 2016 1:08 am

On C+F fusing:
Take a common you want to get to legendary, take a "eww, I didn't need _that_ item to proc flawless" item (AKA: fodder) close to the common's level (if you have spare gold, hunting the tradehouse with "flawless" and the right item level range as filters may also work.)
If you now fuse that wanted common and fodder flawless, there's about a 15% chance to turn the common into an epic and a 45-50% chance to turn it into a flawless. There's probably also a 15% chance of turning the fodder into an epic, but that's not as bad as it sounds and only loses 1 common of the wanted item.
I need lots of Legendary MoonBoots, MoonWalkers, NoblePlates, Winged Sandals for my efficient questing team.

Nice! Multiple targets and they are close-ish level (9, 15, 18, 22) so you can apply that for example
3x A+B+C fuses is much faster than A+A+A, B+B+B, C+C+C and both can average out to the same results.
So even with all the same quality items, we can save fuse time.
Moon Walkers + Noble Plate + Winged Sandals should fit into 1 cauldron for great and up, Moon Boots + Moon Walkers probably also just fit into one cauldron. (if levels are too far apart, fuse time goes up again)

I'm not a risk taker and my cauldron time is more important to me than materials, so I myself always do "100%" fuses up to legendary, which is probably why I didn't think of 3x great+flawless, which is only 92% and seems to be a quite slow fuse.
I think I did a mix of common+flawless and great1+great2+great3 fuses for my low level skilled items, then, if available, used any fodder failed to epic from the C+Fs to do a 4x flawless+fodder epic fuse (2-4 different flawless to speed it up further) [1] or if no fodder was available a plain 5x flawless fuse (2-5 different) and after that 4E+fodder legendary (if available) for legendary/mythical or 5E if no legendary fodder available. (again, mixing as much as possible to speedup as much as possible, while still averaging out to similar results if I didn't.)

There's of course the fusion calculators at
viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7095 and viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7639
to try out fusions and see all the numbers that the game interface has no room to show.

[1] good chance you save 1 flawless at the cost of some fodder to getting an epic compared to 5x flawless, small chance you get a legendary straightaway.
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Re: Crafting/Fusing Legendaries

Postby NoInspiration » Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:22 am

Good + great -> flawless is decent if you're standing in front of the computer non stop.

I don't really love CF, CCF, CE or CCE, but it can work if there is a huge difference between the price of the shitty flawless and the good flawless (can work also with some level difference).

Then GGGF is very nice as you said, really no drawback on that one. Also i think the 92% is bugged, I don't remember failing it or i read somewhere that it can't fail, i'm only 92% sure though :lol: .

FFFFE can also work similarly. If you plan to use a formula often you should check try to optimize with the calculator taking into account input prices and output prices*chances.

You can even do FFFEE for example with fodder epics.

And you need to try to always optimize the number of different items, for GGGF, it's better to have 3 different G even if they are a few levels apart to save time.

Don't fill the cauldron just to get 100% all the time it's a big waste of time as you need more cauldroning to get the additional ingredients (unless you craft them fast and have a ton). If you don't have any epic at hand or even lots of different flawless FF is still better than FFFFF. For the same reason don't go EEEEE, EEE is better.

And finally check TH, sometimes the better way is just to go nordic lute (or any similar precraft) -> gem -> buy the legendary moonboots...

Good luck.

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