Precraft (buying)

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Precraft (buying)

Postby archeron2 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:29 pm

Silver scales (great)
seeking kunai (flawless)
rejuvenating tea (flawless)

pay max price for all (gold),
if willing to coordinate to prevent others from buying them i toss in a further incentive.
(every 10 silvers i toss a free chaos armor (good or regular)) transferred via the cheapest method available - usually requests
every 2 seeking kunai i toss a free chaos,
rejuvenating (have not decided on incentive yet)- discuss with me if interested.

(if chaos is not ideal there are other items i craft that are doable but will need to work out a reasonable rate for them)

contact me via facebook ( will find me if you search it, it will show name as archeron daimo)
Alternatively megaarcheron = skype (displays cronos(arch))
or Arch #3263 is my discord

skype and discord i dont check as often as facebook but will work if your willing to risk it taking a day or two for the first reply.

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