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Chat Rules FYI

Postby cc_Darkis » Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:59 pm

Here is the basic Guidelines atm folks! If at any time you feel that you were unfairly chat banned, please do contact our Support Team.

● 1 Day:

o Spam in mass. Please user your better judgement and number of reports

o Several reports of foul language This may include reappropriated language that

falls under Racist or Homophobic slurs. EX: “that’s ***” clearly intended as ‘this

sucks’ or ‘this is reverent’, could we also included masked foul language

o Name Calling

o Minor instances of Harassment/Repeated Complaints

o Berating/Insulting others in a Negative Aspect

o Minor instances of Negative/Harmful Political based comments

● 3 Day:

o Major/Continued Harassment

o Abusing the Report System: These would be player who create more than 45

reports a week (average of 6 a day). Since players can only report a player once

per day anything over 6 become suspicious. We would of course only hit (take

action) if the 6+ reports were all unfounded

o Minor instances of Racist based comments

o Minor instances of Sexist based comments

o Negative/Harmful Religious Based comments

o Talking about/pushing others to Breaking ToS (more times a simple warning will

from support will do based on severity)

● 7 Day:

o Repeat 3 Day Offenders

o Major/Harmful instances Homophobic comments

o Ableistic

● 14 Day:

o Death Threats

o Telling Players to Kill Themselves or seriously injure

o Buying/Selling Accounts

o Repeat 7 Day

● Permanent:

o Several repeat offenses on a large scale

o Repeat 14 Day
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