Hotfix: 18 May 2016

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Hotfix: 18 May 2016

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Wed May 18, 2016 11:41 am


We will be releasing a hotfix later today/tomorrow. Please be sure to update your game once this is released.

Client Update (Not coming to iOS; you'll get the fixes in the next major update)
  • Fixed an issue were a player could use the Trade House via the customer dialogue before unlocking the feature
  • Fixed a display issue with City Raids were a gem icon would appear
  • Fixed City Customizations not displaying updated values on building details
  • Removed Star in City Customization screen category
  • Optimized Character Loading in the shops
  • Faster scrolling with mouse wheel in City Details/Creation screen
  • Fixed rankings by item discovery displaying as Item Sales
  • Tweaked zoom level in City Customization screen
  • Fixed an issue with specific graphic cards were multiple texts would be invisible. (Missing Timers)
  • Fixed an issue where toggling a customization on/off would hide the bonus even though it was still there
  • Fixed a case where user would see the Tutorial Gift in their shop
  • Fixed an issue were players would be able to join public cities without checking level requirement

Server Update (fixed on all platforms)
  • Fixed an issue were city invites would not be dismissed properly

New Known Issues
  • Asian language characters will no longer display properly. (We unfortunately cannot fix this issue until a new version of our text plugin is released)
  • Blue text not appearing for building bonus
  • Multiple display errors

Known Issues
    Sometimes Heroes/Workers overlap each other in the Inn
  • Decorations do not get automatically placed when buying a package (find them in your storage)
  • Hero introduction may stop if the player levels up at the same time
  • Clicking on a city customization option applies a star to the associated category
  • Names in unsupported languages display the name as white squares
  • Account link tutorial message doesn't display entire Facebook name on one line in Asian languages
  • City privacy text toggle font size is very small in Spanish
  • Most NPCs do not play their particle FX when crafting
  • Very rarely, transitioning from the Inn to the Shop leaves the player stuck on a black screen until they relaunch
  • Having the Fusion Cauldron tutorial pending blocks the Innkeeper from explaining Personal Quests (tutorial)
  • Heroes still appear at the Inn to give their Personal Quests if they're resting
  • Various latency matters upon loading the game the first time
  • Robes do not count towards the "Spells Collector" achievement
  • "!" alert remains on Worker button after hiring second worker during tutorial
  • Push notifications not functioning on Samsung device
  • Game volume is not muted when watching a video in the Inn (Anastasia)
  • Apple Watch app does not destroy special items for an offer that is cancelled when beyond the maximum inventory for that item
  • Trade displays incorrect amount of gold or gems when multiple items have been sold
  • Game occasionally crashes if the user reconnects after being disconnected from a duplicate sign in
  • Game enters an unresponsive state if the user starts logging in on a device, and then is immediately kicked out because they connected from another device
  • Launching the game a second time with Kongregate connected will not allow a Kongregate connection until the user logs out and logs back in on Android
  • Can't move the camera for 4 seconds after boot
  • Enable Full Screen option in settings does not take effect until the user clicks somewhere on the browserNo message is displayed when the user selects to invite a user from Facebook
  • Game doesn't fill the entire screen if the user turns the tablet from portrait to landscape while the title is loading on iOS
  • Scroll wheel does not function anywhere in the title using Safari for Mac
  • Click state stays on "Down" if the user clicks, holds and drags the mouse off of Safari using Safari for Mac
  • Game area is obscured when playing the web version on Opera
  • Links to external pages don't function in Safari for Mac
  • Head icons not all the same scale
  • iOS does not remember the login settings if the title is launched with no internet connection (This will make it appear as if you started over)
  • Shopkeeper will occasionally be sorted in front of the modules when the modules should be in front
  • Can't click on a module infront of the Classy Carpet if the Classy Carpet was clicked first

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