Good day fellow Shop Heroes :)

Please introduce yourself and make new friends.
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Good day fellow Shop Heroes :)

Postby Viggenmort » Mon May 16, 2016 11:32 am

Finally registered on the forums as trying to chat on android is nigh on impossible.
partway through typing a query or response and it will jump back out of text entry. in much the same way as its hit or miss to enter an amount in the tradehouse. Tap the space and either the manual entry box doesnt load at all or it does and disappears again before you can enter an amount.
So its either hold the + button for ages to get to an amount, OR as i've started doing, holding the space and pasting in from clipboard a set amount.

Anyway ... hi ;)

I do really love the game, but im playing it less of late as it just seems determined to crash more and more and with so little time between them. I do have a couple queries which hopefully someone may be able to help with.

Each time i read patch notes there seems to be mention of UI improvements and speeding up of loading, transition and general gameplay, but with every patch it actually seems to get slower and slower to do anything at all. When i first started playing it was fine. Then it would crash from time to time, then much more frequently and now after the latest patch i spend more time sat watching the loading screen than i do actually able to play.

Transitioning from store to inn or city (usually the inn) seems more likely to cause crash and has done for quite some time.
Sometimes the game will be running fine then suddenly drop, others you will see it getting gradually slower with every tap taking an age to respond then it crashes out.

The initial bootup seems to have become slower and slower too. Pretty sure when i first started playing, the loading bar whizzed across and we were set, now its always downloading content and crawling along before maybe giving me 2-5mins of game (also at a despairingly slow pace) then crashing out.

Now some games i can effectively tab out of (drop back to phone screen and do something else) then jump back in and it remembers what i was doing, other games like this one, restart when i tab back in. That is not a problem if its something im doing, but when it continually crashes out it means im having to sit with it booting up again every time.

I have a number of games. Some of them large file, some simple tap games and a mix of genres. This is the only one that consistently crashes.
I've read posts about this game heating phones up quick and that maybe having something to do with it, but are there any suggestions or are all phone android users suffering and its not an ideal platform?

Again as above really like the game and its depth and playability (when it works) so would love to get it working. Lost out on the event over the weekend because i had parties active on it, but was completely unable to end their mission/collect without game crashing at the inn.
Did think it was odd to release patch during an event/raid anyway with likely issues always arising.

Best regards and if Devs read this,again it is a great game. Maybe im just unlucky.

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Re: Good day fellow Shop Heroes :)

Postby cc_Tadaaah » Mon May 16, 2016 11:48 am

Hi there,

We are always working on optimization and stabilization. With additions of new features and content, this is an ongoing process. Keyboard issues tend to be device specific (which is hard to determine as there are thousands of Android devices).

I'm going to guess you're playing on a phone that is 5.0 Android OS or lower? We're happy to trouble shoot with you and get you running up to speed. The game shouldn't be crashing often. Though depending on a number of factors, you may experience more latency than other users. Can you tell us what type/model device you are playing on and the Android OS version?

Welcome to the forums and look forward to getting you back to running smoothly.

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Re: Good day fellow Shop Heroes :)

Postby Shiroe » Tue May 17, 2016 7:56 am

My android tablet seems to have always hovered around the bottom edge of what's supported, which is why I do most of my playing on facebook.
If I do play on my tablet I do the following:
- before starting, clear all other apps from RAM, since Shop Heroes seems to be a bit of a memory hog
- don't mix viewing gem videos with other gameplay, since doing both probably pushes RAM use through the roof (heck, after 5-10 videos I often get "Shop Heroes isn't responding. Do you want to close it?: wait/report/OK" popups)

When playing without viewing videos, I probably get a session of 30-60 minutes in before either Shop Heroes closes to the android "desktop" or the delay between taps and responses just becomes too long to continue. (at that point the on-screen android buttons below the shop heroes screen will have similarly long delays for me as the buttons within Shop Heroes)
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Same problem

Postby Luze » Thu Oct 27, 2016 1:40 am

I have the same problem frequent crashing. Please help. My phone is asus_Z007 android 4.4.2

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