Question reguarding packages/some newbie questions.

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Question reguarding packages/some newbie questions.

Postby Lyrst » Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:23 pm

Hi, new player here, new town...had a few questions -
Wondering about packages, first - are the works worth having, reaaaally big difference, or only minor? I mean jack being able to craft anything, as far as i can tell and things being slow - but being able to level them.
Which is more worthwhile, jack, or the giant pack? Rack is nice, so is the anvil...and why?
Are there/will there ever be a discount, or was there every one for buying multiple packs at once? (like jack, giant warrior etc)..probably not..bundling.

I'm canadian, and trying to save a few bucks here. A buddy mentioned linking a cell account, and paying through there, vs kong kreds.. so i'm wondering, where the best place is to get the packs (ideally all 5 for 100 would be nice but can't get what you want right ^.^) - 150 on kong. + the canadian conversion which may be mucho more.

Basically, just wondering if i do decide to, where do i get the best value - to package ratio :)

Onto actual game questions -

1. is there a value or chance that having a certain mastery increases flawless etc crafting? For example, say, for every 5 mastery, get an extra 1 percent chance at flawless? Or is that not something known?
2. I've heard key dancing is the best for gold currently (probably gonna do a few if i buy a pack - up my town for everyone), but out of regular items, for getting gems. Is there one, or a few lines better/earlier better for items (excluding pack items) for gems, or a more reliable way?
3. Speaking of reliable, epic at the level is unbreakable, since i dont have 5 yet, is 4, or 5 fusion slots needed to geta high chance of an epic (with all flawless)?
4. Do racks stack with eachother, probably, but what about jack's rack?
5. given the answer to #2 (a good line to shoot for for selling stuff in the tradehouse), what's a good setup for workers (with tier 2 unlocked, haven't done 3, just starting).
6. is there any way to speed up fusion time/crafting besides the magic anvil? or a boost in one of the buildings higher up (i don't have the castle yet - about 10 in most buildings in my city).

Any help appreciated thanks a bunch, and happy sales hunting ^.^

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Re: Question reguarding packages/some newbie questions.

Postby WingDingo » Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:06 pm

I can't advise you with everything. I don't have any packages, and I am completely free to play. My understanding is that the Wizard Pack is best, Advanced Shopfare is second, and Jack Pack is third in most useful. The reason being the end of the line items for Wizard and Advanced Shopfare are extremely useful for generating income and for their equipment skill. The Giant Worker grants more skill points per level than any work besides Jack, but Jack can't gain Mastery. The anvil decreases crafting times and the Rack gives extra energy on sale.

Shop Heroes was released in May 2015, and limited-time packs have only started being available in October 2015. There is no word on what might happen for the re-release of those items. Historically, there has never been a discount on any packs (to the best of my knowledge [again, I don't buy them, so I don't pay attention to the price]).

1.) More Mastery = more chance for all exceptional crafts. No numbers have ever been made public. Many players have tried to data-mine the information, but it has only ever been educated guesses at best.

2.) Keys will be your best option if you are spending gems to get gold. The higher the rank of Key, the better ratio of gold you are going to get. At any given time, there are nearly 100 pieces of equipment being requested (at varying degrees of unlock accessibility and quality) in the Common quality to Flawless quality range. All equipment types are requested. You'll have to see what is best for you. Music and Potions will probably be your most consistent options.

3.) You need 5 Flawless to get a 100% chance Epic. You need 5 Epic to get a 100% Legendary. The best you can get is a 63% chance for Mythics with 5 Legenaries. If you mix qualities and items, you can have a small chance to get a higher quality with lower qualities, by sacrificing some higher qualities. For example, you can fuse 3 Flawless + 2 Epics for a high chance of Epic, low chance for Legendary, but 100% fusion success.

4.) All racks stack with each other.

5.) You are going to have to fire and hire workers until you can have all 6 Tier 2 workers. The levels of your workers persist through firing, but are more expensive to re-hire the higher their level. There is no ideal configuration. If you have 5 workers, you can pass on either the Enchanter (and only lose on Rune Writing), or you can pass on the Artificer to pass on Armor Crafting and Tinkering.

6.) The only way to speed up the Fusion Input Time is to put different items into the cauldron. There is no way to speed up fusing after you have started the fusion (in-before someone says you can use gems [you can use gems to speed up literally everything in the game]).

Crafting times are faster with more skill points from your (workers) + (worker building boosts). Your workstations cap your speed input (if it is red). Craft times of items are written in minutes. A Broadsword takes 20 minutes of Weapon Crafting + 20 minutes of Metal Working = 40 Crafting Minutes. Your Weapon Crafting is divided into that 20, your Metal Working is divided into that other 20, you add those together, and you get your crafting time.

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