Feature Poll! and Roadmap Discussion Thread

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Re: Feature Poll! and Roadmap Discussion Thread

Postby kobisjeruk » Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:00 pm

Wraith wrote:Now, since UI changes are planned, here are a few small things I'd like to see:
:arrow: Please add the hero tab to the city screen, that way we can see which heroes need an experience or a power boost without going back to the shop or the inn every time.

You can boost hero buildings by clicking on the castle on the top right corner of the hero screen. Exit (X) or back will bring you back to the hero screen.
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Re: Feature Poll! and Roadmap Discussion Thread

Postby Feone » Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:38 am

Pantless wrote:I have not seen a game with so many people tell the developers how to do their job. If i were on the dev team for this game, i would be very upset. Yeah - asking people what they want is all well and good, but directly telling them that they are failures all the time is terrible.

I love this game. I love what you have developed. Please continue to do what you do. You are doing a great job!

Nick (non-game software developer)

I guarantee you that your customers would be upset if you ignored them for half a year, increased the amount of stuff they could pay for while randomly breaking features.

Plus, most of the replies in this topic aren't telling them how to do their job, they're informing the devs of their opinion. Which, if you act crappy towards your players/customers (and I guess to some degree no matter what you do) , will mean negativity. Though it looks to me like most of it is constructive suggestions on how people feel the game could improve.

Also non-game software developer :)

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Re: Feature Poll! and Roadmap Discussion Thread

Postby Shiroe » Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:22 am

inVoh wrote:March 2016 gems were trading at 1:1,000,000 ratio. Now they are nearing 1:3,000,000.

This means early and mid game players will take roughly 3 TIMES LONGER than a year ago to progress through opening blueprints.

Around september 2015 it was about 1:35K. But there were no raids, bulk orders, fragments etc. So in spite of that exchange rate, it would probably take much more gold to get through wooden to magic chests (all that existed back then) than it does now.
Just to point out that even though the exchange rate is an ever climbing line, there certainly isn't a 1:1 match with chest progress speed...
(Also no cauldron back then. Brr, only precrafts through procs and tradehouse... :| )

Wraith wrote:Worse: there's no way to avoid injuries completely until you reach end-game, when your heroes are at max level and you can start equipping them with mythical unbreakable gear: that's when you can start building teams with the revive skill. And even then, the revive skill is really weak. I'm told you can do 100% revive teams but at a glance I imagine this comes at big trade-offs.

Yep, for higher quests either 90% Healer or 100% Revive is kind of necesary to avoid too long injury times. (think of hero personal quests and how painful injuries are there...)
About revive: other than needing the blueprints and items, the tradeoff are that you can probably use a few less slots for +artifacts items, but the fact that a 100% revive team can trollface with all red faces as long as group power requirement is met in exchange probably means being able to replace some +power items, since there's no longer any need to run with green faces. (I really hope they nerf this aspect by the time I get to my first revive team; that I actually need green faces to be completely safe with 100% revive)

About chests and their odds: isn't that the same as lots of systems, like for ex. collectable card/sticker systems where you buy lots and lots of packs, nearly all of them containing "trash" you already have too much of in the hope of getting the few rare cards/stickers you actually need?
But something like adding fragments to non-blueprint results or maybe "open 10 at a time and be guaranteed _at least_ 1 blueprint" could be nice.

Wraith wrote:Currently once I've acquired all the recipes in a chest I feel like the odds of gaining a good item are too low to spend a key, so I sell my keys on the market instead. The end result is that I'm skipping on the chest mechanic of the game, i.e. less content for me.
I think once you've unlocked all recipes, chests should be a gamble: you're not guaranteed to always get something worth the key, so selling your keys is better if you want to play it safe. But on average if you open 100 chests then the total loot gained will have been worth the keys spent.

If on average you'd get something you can sell for more than the price of the chest opening, then the system breaks down. It's like betting on a coinflip and getting back 2.5x what you bet if you win...
The roulette wheel has been nerfed twice now; first time specifically because items vs gem cost resulted in big profits at high spin counts, 2nd time still not confirmed what the reason was, but probably some were still making a profit from gemming for the items.

Wraith wrote:I'd also like the game to feature more player involvement instead of the current "click a few buttons and watch things happen". For example, in the arena I wish we could choose and activate skills manually during combat. Or for quests, it would be interesting if we could choose loot at the end, instead of the current randomness. I know loot was made random for balance reasons, but it would be nice to have this feeling of making decisions and affecting outcomes a bit. It doesn't have to be those specific ideas I mentioned, the point is just that I'd like it if the game somehow made me feel more involved, like an active participant, in some of the gameplay.

For quest loot: current quest implementation: artifacts for each hero, 1x random special loot for the team,
a previous quest implementation: 1-3 heroes: 1x free artifacts/special loot pick, 4-5 heroes: 2x free pick, 6 heroes: 3 free picks (extra picks cost gems).
It had more choice, but either you'd get much less artifacts or if you needed the artifacts didn't have free picks left for special loot. Getting choice back while keeping the artifacts could be nice, though I wonder what they'd nerf at loot to keep the balance. :|
Interactivity at PVP etc: well, for server load, cheat prevention etc. it's much easier for the server to just say "here, client, just play back this animation of what happened" than to allow interactivity. :|

@Pantless: at least it shows people care about the game. ;-P
I at times also feel the urge to yell at Ubuntu, Mozilla etc. "why the heck did you make that dumb decission!". ;)

(sysadmin-ish, currently working on swapping out a mail system with thunderbird clients for groupware/webmail while trying to be as feature-compatible as possible. spending half my time on google/stackexchange to cludge around all the quirks. -_- )
as of 2016-09-11: Player level: 44, City: Eolythes, Blueprints: 517, Mastered: 419, Crafted: 78.61K
(except for tier 1 and some tier 2 artifacts mostly running my shop/gearing self sufficient)

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Re: Feature Poll! and Roadmap Discussion Thread

Postby Shiroe » Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:46 am

Shiroe wrote:
inVoh wrote:Also disappointed about no plans for new heroes or workers.

From https://www.facebook.com/shopheroes/pho ... 22R8%22%7D
getting the 3 remaining bulk order customers turned into heroes still seems an option.

And now a "We'll be adding more workers in the future!" on facebook.
(https://www.facebook.com/shopheroes/pos ... %22R%22%7D)
as of 2016-09-11: Player level: 44, City: Eolythes, Blueprints: 517, Mastered: 419, Crafted: 78.61K
(except for tier 1 and some tier 2 artifacts mostly running my shop/gearing self sufficient)

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Re: Feature Poll! and Roadmap Discussion Thread

Postby Dizzle » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:36 am

I couldn't help finally making an account just to reply to these changes! Lots of excitement on my end!

•Modifications to Trade/Premium Trade Slots Benefits (might be a nerf)

-I hate to see people feeling cheated because they paid for something, then later had that product changed. Imagine buying a new car and then a year later the manufacturer goes "By the way we are retuning your engine to have 100 less horsepower." At the absolute least, players who have purchased those slots should have some form of reimbursement, or even a refund of gems (losing the slots, but having the option to rebuy them if they still see them as necessity)

•Add Tooltip on Load to Prompt Players to Quick Collect by Swiping Down on the Right Resource Icons

-When I first found out I could do this, it changed the game for me as silly as that sounds. I stumbled upon it by accident. It will be nice for people to have this piece of info right off the bat.

•Show in city game log the player(s) name(s) who donated to you in order for them to get recognition and to bolster camaraderie!

-Assuming this is referring to city requests, I can't possibly condone this enough. Those who are generous deserve to be recognized for it. Not just for their own sake, but for those who receive the donations, so they can properly thank the right person/people.

•Add a “!” to the city chat tab whenever a donation is made

-In context I assume this is also referring to city requests. I am kind of on the fence about this one. There can already be overwhelming amounts of info in city chat to begin with. Perhaps consider making a separate tab labeled "City Donations" that they can be organized into.

•(Player stat screen) Remove/Change “Votes” to “Raid Contributions” and display total # of raid items contributed

Seeing "Votes: ?" on every profile is really useless. Even seeing the number of votes someone has within their city would be useless. I do hope though that we will still have access within our own cities (possibly in the new city management update) to see how many votes an individual has

•(Player stat screen) Remove/Change “Last Active” to “Arena Honor” and display current season arena honor

No, No, a thousand times NO. DO NOT get rid of this information. As a Mayor there is no single more important piece of information to have. Knowing when and how often my citizens are active is INSANELY important. For everyone else, particularly in world chat, this is still a really useful piece of info. It's nice to know if the person you are talking to is still online (On that note, it would also be nice to have some indication as to whether or not they are still in the same chat room as you)

•More content to chests

-If I were to take a random stab in the dark, this might mean runes/enchanting supplies that will be coming with future patches? Or maybe more chest blueprints for lower level chests based off of the reception of the new higher level blueprints? Either way keeping lower level chests relevant would be really nice in my opinion. Right now with zero thought I give my leather chests to anyone who requests them in city, and automatically sell my leather/wood keys for gems. I'd ditch the wood chests too but they are essentially worthless so they are just slowly accumulating.

•New Achievements: April

-New achievements are great. It would be cool to have some different achievement rewards too. Possibly add cosmetics or pets to the end rewards. Also it would be nice for the new achievements to be retroactive. If there is an achievement to send 200 parties to the sewers, at level 53 I shouldn't have to send 200 new parties to the sewers. Then again with the possibility of new/changed boss encounters, maybe I would really WANT to send 200 parties to the sewers :)

•More Cosmetic Customization: May

- I would love to see more non-gem based cosmetics. I like cosmetics but even at level 53, I still find myself needing to allocate my gems to specific places. There will almost always be an efficient character growth-based place to spend them. Gold is important for that too, but much easier to come by. Or possibly give us ways to earn cosmetic

•City Management Upgrades: May

-As a mayor I can't even begin to express how excited I am about this. Look at this guy :arrow: :mrgreen: and then multiply that by ~ 3.0 x 10^8
-Things I would like to see here. City applications, Elected officers or officials. Ability to set up city information (not just a twitter sized mayor message, but full details of the city including raid requirements, donation requirements, a general timezone [or international], any other relevant info. ex. my city uses discord)

•Hero Rest Time Modifications: April

-I assume these are balancing changes that you'll be making, rather than something players can do to affect these numbers (i.e. a new building). If I am correct my only piece of input is please don't increase these. The rest times going up would mean nothing to 100% energetic teams and only penalize those who don't run 100% energetic. The rest times going down would devalue energetic gear, but that's much better than penalizing those without it.

•Fusion Time Modifications: April

-I assume these are balancing changes that you'll be making, rather than something players can do to affect these numbers (i.e. new buildings). If I am correct my only piece of input is please don't increase these. Cauldron space is an insanely important resource for the end game. It's already a mental battle trying to decide what to cook and when to cook it. Making times longer would just be frustrating.

•Better Social Sharing​/Screenshots

this doesn't make a huge difference in my life. I have a discord set up for my city and we have several channels dedicated to different things ranging from screenshots all the way to pictures of our pets. I do think it would be good to implement though, for those who don't use anything outside of the game for communication.

•Boss Improvements

Right now bosses have a great purpose but I would love to be able to re-challenge them occasionally for the bonus loot again. I would also love to see new early and mid level quests with bosses. If you don't want to flood the game with new types of quest materials, you could make combinations. ex. The Frozen Lake. Boss: Frost Hydra. Drops: Dragon Scales AND Frozen Cores.

•Server Wide World Competitions/Bonus Events (City vs City)

Let the games begin! Competition is great for any game and is a huge motivator. My only fear is that the top cities will essentially destroy and always take the best rewards. I'm not saying that isn't acceptable. They put in the time to earn that right, but it's a fear none the less.

•New Blueprints/Set Items

-New blueprints are always good when they have special effects. New blueprints without, however, are fun in the early game but become pointless when you start to look at gear with skills.

-I really hope you mean set items in the way MMOs have set items. It would be nice if they could be equipped across multiple people as long as they are in the same party to confer the set bonus though, rather than all on one character.

•More Cosmetic/Customization Items + Better Shop

This is the definition of vague, not to mention better is in the eye of the beholder... or something like that..

•Furniture/Building Level Increase

I don't know when this is coming but I am already saving up for it. Just for the love of god don't add more raid levels without giving us more city members to help complete them again. Speaking of which, It may not be the norm, but my city is actually... over capacity... We have a full city with two players waiting for spots to open so they can join. I'd personally love an extra 3-5 slots to fill!

•Shopkeeper Bonus/Abilities

This sounds great. It doesn't matter what you do with it. I can't see a way for this to be bad.

•More Special Orders/Bulk Order + Improvements

This is another great idea. Also a weekly or at worst monthly bulk order would be great. Another Idea I have is maybe a city-wide bulk order where everyone gets an equal reward (potentially have a minimum required participation to prevent freeloaders, and a way for lower levels to participate. Ex. "Deliver me 500 points worth of Staves" all staves count, but higher level staves count for more. It would still add points for our level 10 member to throw in some druid staves, but it would be more beneficial for our level 50+ to throw in their best rather than rapidly crafting low level items to donate.

•Harder Dungeon Bosses/Time Limited Dungeons

Hopefully this isn't treated as an exclusively end game bit of content. it could be really fun for all levels!

•PvP Enhancements

PVP gear would be a cool addition here. Items with abilities that work in pvp but not PVE. The only problem with that is that they could easily be drastically overpowered and become necessary to participate. Other good tweaks would be adding more ability options that could be unlocked either through the old method of personal quests, or through new methods.

•UI/UX Improvements (Ease of Use/Convenience Features)

:thumbs up:

•Raid MVP Rewards

These would have to scale in some way to prevent a low level character from walking away with for example 500 gems a week by sending one team out in a dead city, and also to prevent a level 55 from feeling like the reward they got for their hard work wasn't worth the effort involved. It might also be nice to have some sort of cooldown to prevent one person from taking the reward every single week. Tiers of rewards could help alleviate this too, rather than just the number 1 player taking all.

•Special City Boss Raids

This is a feature that every game should have in some form. It's a traditional aspect of multiplayer RPG type games and it earned that status for a reason.


This would be fantastic. Also a "join (friendsname's) chat channel" option please and thanks.

•Fusion Pot Enhancement (Breaking Down Items)

This could combo very well with enchanting/runes system

•Pets System

Yes please! I will gladly take this in any form at all!

•Runes/Enchanting System

This is a great idea as a way to help lower levels become "relevant" faster, and also to help higher levels push themselves to the limits. Great idea!

Overall I am really excited about this entire announcement. I can't wait to see exactly where each of these ideas ends up at implementation and can hardly wait to play with them! Keep up the good work Cloudcade. You are doing a great job managing this game. As a player I don't think I could ask for more....

wait... yes I could... I will literally pay for an option to turn off the exceptional craft splash screen that shows up with literally every single craft. It's almost enough incentive to take every single point out of mastery just so I don't have to see it anymore...

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Re: Feature Poll! and Roadmap Discussion Thread

Postby Zuuhl » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:13 am

Alot of TL;DR here, I stopped reading after Wingo's post and only skimmed the rest. But would you look at that... been a long time since players were this positive (and possibly hyped up). Which is nice for a change!

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Re: Feature Poll! and Roadmap Discussion Thread

Postby Nissaya » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:34 am

Some feedback about my gaming experience first.

I wish the game was scaled on a 2 minutes session, to collect and feed 4 fusion slot, collect the crafted items, collect the artefacts and send heroes to quest or raid.
That would let me 3 mins to read the city chat and talk or make some tradehouse stuff.

Like this i could play the game on short session every hour or two during the week and make more progress and be more active in city.

Removing all animation, or reducing their time would greatly help.
Making the quality craft window clikable away with maybe the exception of flawless to epic and epic to legendary.
Saving a list of heroes and just having to select the leader and a button to select his best friends would solve the time it takes to send to quest.

After that you can add more in game activity like city vs city, raid rewards and so on...
Otherwise it will be only a hassle to the gaming experience and could lead people to move to more quiet cities or increase the burnout of gamers.

Coming in the next patch: (Details on bullet points will be shared in Official Patch Notes as well as nerfs)

Modifications to Trade/Premium Trade Slots Benefits (might be a nerf) :
Fine if the nerf is needed. Depending of the nerf you should offer a partial refund or full refund and player can choose to buy it again or not.

Add Tooltip on Load to Prompt Players to Quick Collect by Swiping Down on the Right Resource Icons
Nice if it's a one time popup. If it's every time I connect...

Show in city game log the player(s) name(s) who donated to you in order for them to get recognition and to bolster camaraderie!
Great Idea.

Add a “!” to the city chat tab whenever a donation is made
If it's the same ! to city chat that allows us to know when an ally talked. Should we sugest users to report it as a bug on a new thread each time they are bored by this? Looks like a bug sold as a feature...

Planned sooner than later:

(Player stat screen) Remove/Change “Votes” to “Raid Contributions” and display total # of raid items contributed
no feedback on that token.
(Player stat screen) Remove/Change “Last Active” to “Arena Honor” and display current season arena honor
throlling the community???

More content to chests
That ask for explanation, will it be harder to get Blueprint ? If you give incentives to open chest that will worsen the situation with Gold to Gem ratios.

Goal Set Content (Again, please note that these dates may be delayed or change as the roadmap continues to gain feedback.)

New Achievements: April
As a complenionist I welcome this. Would be nice to rethink the current achievements to realistics numbers.
Like example the 250k of items sold to customers when you can only sell 10 per 5 mins...
More Cosmetic Customization: May
Dry of gems so can't play the customization part of the game.
City Management Upgrades: May
Nice for majors. Would be great to have officers rank. Maybe reduce the major choice to 8h-12h instead of 24h. Because the castle is now buffed 3 days per week.
Hero Rest Time Modifications: April
I won't craft any stuff until clarification, only printing gold...
Fusion Time Modifications: April
It should be included in February patch as it is impossible to fuse 45+ items and 19 heroes are at 40+ level and are waiting for magic, darwish, primal upgrades.

Items That Are Being Prioritized

Better Social Sharing​/Screenshots
Just add a button to take a screenshot and hide the Gold and Gems amounts. We have other software to paste or share the content.
Otherwise it could be too complicated to share the screenshot of an heroe, the reciepe and so on.

Boss Improvements
Tied to improving questing experience with the heroes list. otherwise dead content.

Server Wide World Competitions/Bonus Events (City vs City)
Tied to improving raiding experience with heores list. otherwise dead content.

New Blueprints/Set Items
Gem dry... dead content... Set items on all toons of the team why not.

More Cosmetic/Customization Items + Better Shop
Gem dry... dead content...

Furniture/Building Level Increase
Furniture increase is urgent, i launch 1 craft and i am dry for 5-10mins. 100 mana cost of primal blueprint...

Shopkeeper Bonus/Abilities
I am good at leveling shopkeeper so any bonus or abilities is welcomed.
Why the top player of the server is only 66??? he gained only one level in 3 month...

More Special Orders/Bulk Order + Improvements
My bags are full cause I can't fuse high level item at a decent speed.
Will the orders be ok to fill or at a huge loss like the previous ones?

Harder Dungeon Bosses/Time Limited Dungeons
Faster fusing of high level items + more availability to chest blueprint first.
Next you can increase the difficulty.

PvP Enhancements
Faster fusing of high level items + more availability to chest blueprint first.
Next you can increase the difficulty or enhance.
I can't stuff my toons for pvp except the 5 i use.

UI/UX Improvements (Ease of Use/Convenience Features)
- Crafting quality window non poping or clickable away. Maybe an exception for Flawless to Epic or Epic to Legendary.
- List of heroes tied to leaders. Faster questing and raiding.
- No animation for cauldron
- Sorting of items by level instead of numbers in stock.
- Boosting a city building : dicide the max amount by 10 or so. It is not convenient to boost a building on a mobile for 3 ranks when it is on millimeters.
- Daydreaming of a 1M to 1gem auto conversion to allow playing or investing like we want.
- For buying artefact : Allow to buy them in one click for 10 or 50 as long as long as it is intial price +5-10%.

Raid MVP Rewards
Tied to better raiding experience.
The MVP is always the same and won't change except if the MVP decide to slack off or take a week off.
It would be better to rewards individual at different individual completion step like Abqu do in his raid challenge.
Reward for 500-1000-2000-5000... That could be a way to inject gems to the community.

Special City Boss Raids
Tied to better raiding experience.
Otherwise gonna be an harrassment to participate...

Very fan of that if there is a block list or turn it off option.

Fusion Pot Enhancement (Breaking Down Items)
Pets System
Dry of gems. Otherwise i like the idea.

Runes/Enchanting System
Dry of gems. It stinks the 1% bonus for Free2Players and the 5-10% to Pay2Win players...

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Re: Feature Poll! and Roadmap Discussion Thread

Postby Elivercury » Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:14 pm

I won't go into super detail over the whole roadmap, as I feel it has already been done by several others, in more detail than I could have managed.

I do have one query however: Is this change to premium trade slots going to affect current requests/offers? Either through refunding the slots, changing the amounts or whatever else might require current requests to be cancelled?

I, and I'm sure many others, am in the middle of requesting 100 keys. These requests take months to fill, as I'm sure you are aware, and if I'm going to be 3-4 months into a key request, only to have it automatically deleted and being pushed to the back of the queue by this change, then I am not going to be very happy.

Also, being able to boost hero buildings from the hero menu should definitely be added to the list of stuff the game needs to point out. I've been playing for a year and didn't know this. Mind blown.

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Re: Feature Poll! and Roadmap Discussion Thread

Postby Wraith » Sun Feb 12, 2017 5:13 pm

kobisjeruk wrote:You can boost hero buildings by clicking on the castle on the top right corner of the hero screen. Exit (X) or back will bring you back to the hero screen.

That is so good to know, thank you!

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Re: Feature Poll! and Roadmap Discussion Thread

Postby jeroti » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:02 pm

I think I saw it mentioned once or twice, but the ability to save quest team load outs would be a huge quality of life change. My quest teams pretty much only change when someone is out with an injury. I'd love to be able to just load up team 1, 2, 3 ect and start the quest. I also agree with the less skills at mythical requests, it's such a huge pain to get items to mythical that I don't bother.

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