Packages and Your Thoughts!

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby cc_Darkis » Tue May 02, 2017 10:29 am

This is some good feedback and glad folks are going into detail with each other, it adds a lot for what I want to bring to the ''improving the game'' table.

As for those calling folks out on buying/not buying packages...DON'T. I'll remove your posting so it won't derail the discussion, and give you a temp vacation for the day if need be.
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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby zthen » Tue May 02, 2017 11:32 am

I would likely spend more money if I felt that the game was benefitting from my purchases. As it stands now it seems like the one thing that people can count on is that a new cash pack will be released monthly. I understand that it is a necessary evil, but content and game improvement should happen often enough that it isn't overshadowed by the monthly cash grabs.

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Pixie » Tue May 02, 2017 11:50 am

Putting all the arguments re pricing to one side, the ones that want, like, have to have them are going to get them anyway.

It would be nice to replace the gold with something more practical like bags, chests, keys, frags or whatever. A lot of things are more useful at certain points in the game than at others.

Decorations are great and having the craft/quest reduction is a bonus, more animations would be nice though :D

The 1st and 2nd bp's are just a means to an end and for most players will never be used again after mastery. A way to improve these would be to give the 2nd item a skill at leg. Nothing OP but something that low/mid level players could use as they work towards more efficient teams. This would then make the pack more useful to more of the player base who aren't yet ready to craft the higher level myth.

Have no objection to you throwing in a free myth of the higher level item :x
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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Prometheus » Tue May 02, 2017 12:33 pm

Feone wrote:
Prometheus wrote:First of all, none of the LE packs BPs' skills are LVL50 or higher so fusion time is not that bad if you are in the late/end game and there are a lot of fusion tricks out there for fusing epics/legendaries quite fast. The fusion time gets drastically longer on LVL50 and above BPs.

Consider the price of LE packs which is only $15(compared to the other packs)so it's quite cheap obtaining an item, with accessible and typically easy precrafts, that has amazing skills like Magic Find/Revive 2/Detect Secrets. Unlocking those skills at legendary would be ridiculous and mythical qualities would become PARTIALLY pointless as common BP mythicals are useless for late/end game.

I can understand that Lorelei pack, Giant pack and Charles pack have legendary qualities items that are OP, but they are much more expensive than LE packs(Hero packs are x2.66 more expensive/Giant pack is x4 more expensive)

On the other hand, it would be a nice idea if fusion time gets decreased on LVL50 and above BPs.

What a complete load of bs.

A lot of the pack items with skills (all the new ones) are 45+, which means they are about 75% of the way there as fusion time goes. If these were easy to get there'd be a lot more of them on sale. If you calculate all the various fusion times involved it takes about a month to fuse one from scratch, using all 4 fusion slots.

Your claim about easy precrafts is equally laughable, not to mention that these recipes are generally pretty useless for moneymaking so all other gameplay is put on hold as you grind to making these particular ones.

You also single out the 3 best skills non-standard packs have ever had, most of them aren't nearly that good.

Are you sure you're talking about this game and actually playing instead of using multiple accounts/bots? Because short of cheating I really don't see how making lv40+ mythics is easy.

It's my opinion and I'll not change it, sorry about that. It's also pretty rude to call other people's opinion bs(freedom of speech) If you were wondering, I've been playing daily since 2015 and I'm in the endgame, where you don't have anything else to do other than fusing myths and mastering hard stuff.

I pretty much know what I'm talking about and I'm also 100% fairplay. The thread title pretty much sums it up, it asks for Your Thoughts, which is an opinion so there is no need to quote anybody.

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Mitrax » Tue May 02, 2017 12:55 pm

According to the roadmap 2017 and the discussion of pricing it's a kind of big joke......

I support this game, cause it's a nice one. But at this moment the game becomes more and more boring. Fusion time more than 18h means to stay logged of. Hero Rest Time for the t3 quest are amazing to the price of questitems at tradehouse. its better to speedrun lower quest's, sell on market and get the needed higher one from tradehouse.

I hope the other planned changings to may will be done at same time of april doings.

Please update Roadmap 2017......


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Some story about the packs like "OP Supply Pack" would be better marketing :)
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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby BigNasty » Tue May 02, 2017 12:56 pm

Without a change in fusion success at myth and/or fusion times, I won't purchase another pack that has skills only at myth. I've too manyBPs already that I've never made due to the time/effort invested for a paid-for pack. 5 Leg = 100% chance would go a long way to solving the issue for me as well as serious adjustments to higher lvl fuse times.

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby ellymentalnz » Tue May 02, 2017 2:49 pm

Shiroe wrote:
ellymentalnz wrote:Why is the special offer of a combined 2-pack for $24.99 only for those who bought last years pack last year ? Why can't it apply to those who bought last years pack this year?

Plenty of people actually thought that wasn't such a "special offer", since it blocked them from buying just one of the 2 new packs. (those who have last year's pack are only given the $24.99 option, not the individual $14.99 options.)
They really should have scrapped that and replaced it with something like a system of discounts based on how many of that season's packages you already own... (so first "may season" package $14.99, second "may season" package: $12.99, 3rd "may season" package: $11.99, 4th (in may 2018?): $10.99 etc.)

Now that is an excellent idea Shiroe :D

That will make it easier for us noobs to buy more packs and play catch up, without feeling like we are being stung, gets my vote !

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Wraith » Tue May 02, 2017 5:52 pm

It's really nice to see Cloudcade asking for so much feedback lately.

Anyway, most of this has already been said, but I want to add my voice to it:

For context, I bought every pack since I started playing in August 2016 (I missed the August package so my first one was the September package).

I buy them for 4 reasons:
- The skills on the items
- Collecting all recipes
- Extra gems
- Supporting development of the game

I like some of the shop decorations (and the +1% questing or crafting bonus is nice), and I like some of the shopkeeper clothes, but these aren't really reasons why I buy packages. They're just a nice little bonus on top of the things listed above.

Now for my feedback:

1) My biggest concern has to do with the skills of the package items requiring mythical quality. It takes way too long to fuse a level 40+ mythical item, so basically I feel like I can't actually use the content I paid for. To be clear it's the skill on the item that I want, I could care less about the actual quality of the item as long as the skill is available to my heroes.

Here's an actual example:
I'm currently trying to fuse a mythical Lion Mace (from the Chinese new year packages), and after 2 weeks of crafting and fusing I only have ONE legendary Lion Mace. I'll have a second one ready by Sunday. That's 3 weeks for 2 Legendary items, and I need at least 5 to fuse a Mythical. Even so, there's only a 60% chance that the fusion will be successful. If the fusion fails, I'll have to spend many more weeks to fuse more Legendary Lion Maces again.

So let's do the math: I'm looking at 1 month at least to fuse a single mythical item, and that assumes I will get a mythical item on the first attempt when I put 5 legendaries in the fusion pot. There's also 3 packages per month. If I want to craft one mythical item for each package (so as to use all 3 skills), then it will take me 3 months at best (more likely 5-6 months since the 5x Legendary fusion fails 4/10 times). In those 3 months, 6 more packages will be released.

By the time I have fused a mythical item for each of the packages of Month 1, I will have bought 6 more packages which means I will have 6 more mythical items to fuse. That will take 6 to 12 months to do. After 6 months (let's assume I'm lucky with fusion), 15 more packages will have been released... As you can see, it takes a very, VERY long time to finally be able to use ALL the skills you purchased with packages. For all practical purposes, packages are not very useful to me since the skills on items are so hard to access. The only reason I still buy them is because I still have hope that Cloudcade will fix this.

I know I'm not the most efficient player when it comes to crafting and fusion, but I do connect several times a day to craft Lion Maces and start new fusions. Even the fastest players need a few weeks to craft Mythical items. I don't think it's reasonable for this to take so long.

I see two solutions to this.
The first: make the skills of these items available at legendary quality or lower.
The second: make fusion MUCH faster somehow. Reduce the fusion times, or give 100% success chance to all 5x Legendary fusions, or something else... It doesn't really matter to me as long as I can use the skills on the items faster.

I have hope that Cloudcade will solve this problem at some point, and that's why I'm still buying packages, but confirmation of this can't come soon enough.

2) My second feedback about packages is the fact that 2 new packages per month (3 for me actually) is a lot. I'm fine buying 3 packages per month for one year, but if you guys plan to keep releasing new monthly packages after September then I hope you will only release one package, or that you will make them cheaper. I enjoy collecting all the recipes, but I can't spend more than $15-$20 per month on a game forever. If you keep releasing 2 packages per month in 2018, I'll have to stop buying all of them. Which means I won't be able to collect all recipes anymore, and part of my enjoyment of the game will disappear. If you really insist on selling 2 new packages at $15 each (or $25 for both), then please consider adding more content to them to make them more valuable (for example, add more gems to the packages).

Those are my main concerns. I especially hope that the first one will be solved in the near future.

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby Aussie » Wed May 03, 2017 12:00 am

exoteror wrote:At the moment This game is asking too much for the packages on events. At the moment Each Event would cost me approx. £35 each time if I were to buy all 3 packages. The same cost as a AAA game each month.

I started off buying some but I am now refusing to pay such an extreme cost as I have better things I can buy. Personally for my situation I would rather have the cost of all 3 packages for around £15-£20. This is still high but I think more realistic in prices for the items you get. Which aren't really a *must* have.

I would love if cloudcade could test out a cheaper pricing structure to test if more money can be made from a larger number of small purchases than a smaller number of large purchases.

Ive got to agree with this. The pricing structure seems a little steep for monthly. But again as someone pointed out in another post, Im a completionist and will prob grab them anyway. But once I get a bit bored of the grind with fusion times, ill prob take a "break" until some things change with fusion times and the price packages. I would gladly pay $20 a month if the packages brought some kind of new content with them, a new quest line, a new bulk order, but its the same reskin and repeat. Heck, I cant even wear the drivers cap from easter on my female shop owner.. why is there even a gender lock on half the clothing options!?

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Re: Packages and Your Thoughts!

Postby PiecEMakeR_ZA » Wed May 03, 2017 6:56 am

Make lvl40+ mythicals easier to craft. I wish I could spam this.

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