It's Time to PvP! Or is it? You Decide!

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Re: It's Time to PvP! Or is it? You Decide!

Postby inVoh » Thu May 04, 2017 9:47 pm

Attackers have too much advantage, someone who knows what they are doing will always beat equal gear opponent. It's currently Rock Paper Scissors and your opponent goes first. PvP skills on items would help. All heroes should have a use, currently heroes with max lvl 25-35 are very underpowered due to their level cap.

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Re: It's Time to PvP! Or is it? You Decide!

Postby Melanie » Thu May 04, 2017 9:54 pm

Overall I don't like pvp kind off stuff in games. I only fight in the arena, for the crown jewels (which are pointless btw, cause our city is maxed). That being said.

The biggest problem about the arena as it is the rewards are to low, unless you become in the top 10 then it gets interesting.

However most people are to low levelled to get close. Until you unlock all heroes ability, you can't almost win a match. So for early players the arena isn't fun.

Maybe its a idea to expand the divisions. Give rewards every 8 hours for the 1st out of the division. (Higher division, higher prizes) and eliminate the inactive players from those divisions. So that lower leveled players also be able to win a few matches.

It also would be fun to be able to use the crown jewels, after al city upgrades have been bought. But that maybe a other discussion.
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Re: It's Time to PvP! Or is it? You Decide!

Postby Prometheus » Thu May 04, 2017 10:22 pm

I'll post my feedback once again with some editing to make it more constructive and less negative, compared to a post I posted recently on the forums.
Please keep in mind, I've been playing PvP daily(spending hours in practice mode as well) since its beta launch and I'm an experienced player in PvP.

There is pretty much nothing interesting/fun to do in PvP other than:

  • Getting Crown Jewels, which are currently pointless for some endgame cities as they have all the city buildings upgraded(past-content).
  • Getting a bag/day, or x1.25bag/day with a cleared victory.
  • Rushing for Top1 or Top5 at the end of the season(last hour), which is 0% fun but I had been doing it for a while and stopped since last month.

The issues of PvP that Cloudcade needs to take a look at:

  • PvP is often based on: guess the opponent's trap! Is it a debuff debuff or a buff buff or a debuff buff or buff debuff?
  • Players that have Charles or Lorelei or both, have a clear advantage over other players with no pack heroes.
  • Citymates or friends do "Tanking" in the last rush hour(end of the season). It's basically not attacking your citymate or giving your citymate/friend points by losing against them on purpose.
  • Paying 150Gems is too much for a PvP Ticket that depends on how good you are at guessing the opponent's trap and gives a certain amount of Crown Jewels depending once again, on how good you are at guessing the opponent's trap.

My suggestion list:

  • Make it more fun. Providing new content to PvP other than getting Crown Jewels/a bag per day, would be interesting and fun.
  • Make it more fair for players that have no Charles or Lorelei.
  • Second priority: Change the current end of the season rewards. Make it more "rewarding" for all the players that take part daily in PvP, not only the Top5.
  • Prime priority: Make PvP-end of the season based on how many victories(or how many defeats)at the end of the month, rather than based on final honor count at the end of the month. This could definitely end the last rush hour(end of the season) issue which is pointless. Another good idea would be removing end of the season in the first place.
  • Remove Horns/Shards reward from Champion's Bag, as you can quest for them and they are fairly cheap at the Trade House, and increase Hellfire Ruby/Aragonite to a guaranteed reward of 2 or better in Champion's Bag. This would help with the very high prices of Hellfire Ruby/Aragonite in the Trade House.
  • Very important: Switching teams/gear is a hassle to fit a perfect offense against a defense. Provide a PvP team presets UI(same goes for quests)for free or a small amount of gold, for each PvP team preset.
  • Provide more Honor Ranks to make PvP more interesting. Making more Honor Ranks with different rewards, other than bags, would encourage more players to take part daily in PvP.
  • Reduce additional PvP ticket price. 70 Gems or less would be a good price for what PvP rewards.
  • Provide a new gold sink to PvP, where you could improve your heroes' power or abilities for a limited amount of time as an example. There are already too many gem sinks! Changing the PvP background with gold would also be a nice feature.
  • Very important: Remove target's name(opponent) from Free Play mode(aka Practice Mode) and make it possible to see the skills on the heroes without having to click on Start Fight. This would end targeting other players. Also, make it possible to look for a different opponent in Free Play mode. Practice mode needs a lot of improvements overall.

That is all. Let's hope for a brighter future in PvP!
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Re: It's Time to PvP! Or is it? You Decide!

Postby Catarina » Fri May 05, 2017 12:48 am



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Re: It's Time to PvP! Or is it? You Decide!

Postby Shiroe » Fri May 05, 2017 2:56 am

Dizzle wrote:I like the idea of tournaments but I feel like tournaments need to have some sort of bracketing. I.E. so players other than the top 10 every single season, have a chance at winning. It wouldn't work very well being based around player level, because anyone could make a new account, stop leveling their shopkeeper and steamroll (Twinking).
I would suggest basing it off of total team power. Ex. My team is currently at 41.7k, 26.25k, 35.9k, 32k, and 32.3k approximately. Thats a total of about 168k power. If the brackets were divided in 10k increments (this would be way too many, but just for example) I would be at the high end of the 160k-170k bracket. If they were in 20k increments (I still think that's too many brackets) I would be near the middle in terms of power, of the 160k-180k bracket. If the brackets were 50k increments, I Would be near the bottom of 150k-200k. This would encourage me to find a way to drop 19k power so I could be competitive (similar to a boxer dropping weight so they don't get pummled by someone twice their size).

Hmm, do you mean checking power before each single fight? Otherwise many people would slot in the 2x 25 cap and 3x 30 cap heroes naked at the time the brackets are determined. Don't underestimate peoples' desire to get a free win over getting a challenge if the reward for the challenge isn't lightyears ahead of that of the free win... ;)
(Even with power brackets per fight, you'd likely end up with a situation where 2 naked sacrificial heroes and 3 heroes geared up to the upper cap of the bracket would be the most winnable setup. Sorry for always thinking about "how can we break/abuse that"... :P ;) )
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Re: It's Time to PvP! Or is it? You Decide!

Postby Ashael » Fri May 05, 2017 5:54 am

Shop Heroes is not a PvP game. When I want PvP I use another game. Focus on what you're good at.
Some new features are deeply needed. Don't waste your time on PvP, develop new features for the shop.

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Re: It's Time to PvP! Or is it? You Decide!

Postby Cookie66 » Fri May 05, 2017 9:15 am

End PvP it is pointless
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Re: It's Time to PvP! Or is it? You Decide!

Postby cc_Darkis » Fri May 05, 2017 10:25 am

Ashael wrote:Shop Heroes is not a PvP game. When I want PvP I use another game. Focus on what you're good at.
Some new features are deeply needed. Don't waste your time on PvP, develop new features for the shop.

We have a fair amount of features in the works that is aimed at everybody not just playing favs with one set of folks. :D

I'll be able to expand on that soon so don't worry too much about the PvP if your not interested in that aspect.
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Re: It's Time to PvP! Or is it? You Decide!

Postby Tkshowers » Fri May 05, 2017 10:36 am

My biggest complaint has already been mentioned. Give me a way to preselect teams and specs (gear and skills) so I don't have to spend an hour on completing the matches. I get frustrated and just click/skip.

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Re: It's Time to PvP! Or is it? You Decide!

Postby bowloftoast » Fri May 05, 2017 11:33 am

Overall, still enjoy PVP. Much as there is a vocal group opposing it, there are clearly hundreds of regular players active in Arena

A few suggestions:

- Eliminate gemming: I know it makes you guys money, but it also allows people to cash up the ranks, which defeats the purpose.
- Eliminate pay-through battles: Same problem, allows players to cherry-pick easy opponents. The whole point of PVP is to find a strategic way to beat the opponent's line up. Let that be the only measure.

- There is always going to be a disadvantage for the player who isn't active in the battle. This forces a lot of players to put up these gimmick teams as their static team. As mentioned in my previous post, this is leading to a proliferation of gimmick teams, which is ultimately going to lead to a lot of coin flip battles. I genuinely think this is going to hurt PVP in the long run.
- The penalty for lost battles while a player is away leads to a lot neutral movement in the ranks - you lose 7 battles while away, you win 7 battles when you are active, you get nowhere. This is made more true when players are just paying gold to get to specific idle teams that they know they can score easy points from. This is going to discourage a lot of players, and is contributing to a lot of the 'pointlessness' that people complain about.

- A really quick tutorial on how certain abilities counter others would probably lead to greater participation. Ex Show a heads-up instance of how, for example, purify can counter a repel magic attack from the other team, and how this can actually turn the opponent's attack into a positive for you, and increase your battle strength. I genuinely think if players better understood at least the basic dynamics of attack/parry, they'd get more out of the arena time. It will also help to dispel the widespread idea that PVP only serves the most highly ranked/richest players in the game, because that is absolutely not the case. You need to show that pretty much any Goliath can be beaten with the right abilities in place, regardless of gear strength.

- Gear boosts like that from Epic Oracle's Armor (as an example) should translate to arena power as well as questing power. I don't spend a ton of gems just to outfit myth gear on my arena npcs. I doubt many mid-level players do either. Small buffs in strength without having to resort to myth gear will help mid-game players fight on a more level field.

- Pretty certain you guys have nerfed the Red Bag rewards in the last 2 months. I was getting at least a few decent 50+ epics (and the occasional Leg) per season, and that has fallen right off. Stop it.

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