Rank 254 Band of the Red Hand--Recruitment/Merging

Recruit talent for your city or find a city to join.
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Rank 254 Band of the Red Hand--Recruitment/Merging

Postby Budapesto » Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:14 pm

So, with the recent down-tick in the game's population, our fair city has lost some players to inactivity. What we are seeking are active players who are willing and able to contribute at least 500 raid trophies every week, and 850 for players above level 34. How much money you contribute is of lesser importance. Our castle and nearly every building is fully developed. We routinely achieve level 29 in raids. We are active, friendly, and occasionally even funny. We are open to a merge with a small city--we have 7 or 8 open spots to fill. We look forward to welcoming some new members.

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