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Forum Changes

Postby Arty » Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:57 am

There are a few things that bug me with the forum structure/layout or how inconsistently it is utilized by the moderators:
  • There should be an obvious visual distinction between sticky topics and regular topics.
    Currently it can be difficult to find the newest posts in a subforum, especially when there are many sticky topics (like in News & Announcements). In any other forum I used, sticky topics hat a different text colour and hat either a sticky icon or a "Sticky:" (or similar text) before the actual topic name. (Don't know if the forum software here doesn't support this, but it seems to be a basic feature in most forum software.)
  • Sticky topics need to be unstickied when they lose their importance.
    Currently there are several old topics that are still unnecessarily sticky for some reason (some arguably didn't even need to be sticky in the first place):
    • several topics in News & Announcements
    • the one in Patch Notes
    • the three in Community Tavern
  • The News & Announcement subforum should be used more consistently.
    Currently I see no system for what kind of stuff goes into the announcement section there, what goes in the topic section as sticky topic and what goes into the topic section as regular topic. This distinction seems completely random, and I suspect that it merely depends on the gut feeling of the poster at time of posting. Maybe the moderators could decide on some kind of system or possibly just use only one of the sections.
  • The announcement section of the subforums should be utilized more and consistently.
    Apparently, every subforum has an anouncement section which seems to allow for some special features, for example it's possible for posts to appear in the the announcement section of all subforums instead of just their own (and maybe even in a specified set of subforums). Some might argue that this feature is unnecessary because there is a dedicated "News & Anouncements" subforum anyway, but I think it's a nice way to make more casual forum readers aware of some currently important things. That said, it seems to be used only rarely and somewhat randomly. Of course it shouldn't be used too much, but it would be nice to have it show certain typical topics when appropriate, e.g. when there is a maintenance planned (so people notice even when they are not activaly looking for some such in News & Announcements) or when there are any major login issues (so players become aware of it and stop wondering why their city mates stopped logging in).

    Also (in case it is possible to specify a subset of subforums for such posts) it might be appropriate if any such announcement topic is also shown in News & Anouncements and not just in the one topic where it mostly belongs.

Aside from those mor general issues, I think that there are a few topics with good guides should become sticky:

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Re: Forum Changes

Postby CC_Rain » Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:49 am

Thank you for the feedback regarding the forums Arty. I agree they could use a bit of a cleanup and maybe some changes to make things standout with regards to sticky topics. I'll talk to Darkis to see what we can do.


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Re: Forum Changes

Postby internetz » Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:08 pm

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