"I want my Cake and to See it too!" A UI Request Thread!

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Re: "I want my Cake and to See it too!" A UI Request Thread!

Postby Shiroe » Sat May 13, 2017 2:01 am

Quintony wrote:[list=1][*]make it so you can activate heroes and workers buildings from the hero/worker screen. Instead of having to click through to the building and activate it.

For heroes it kind of already exists. Tap the icon in the top left of the hero's popup to go to his/her building to boosts it.
(if that icon is white, the building isn't boosted, if it's blue, the building is already boosted)

Feone wrote:- Removal of quest reward "spin" thing. We can't influence the outcome, just show us what we get along with the rest of the loot and get rid of that screen entirely.

Well, assuming that at that spin all slices are equal, it does have its use at kind of showing odds. (without the spin, a key special loot would "show" 1/6th the time it does now, probably making the majority of the playerbase think that's an impossibility to get instead of just super difficult)

- quality and level filters at the cauldron and inventory
- countdowns instead of just "local date" to end of events, countdowns to start/end of raid
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Re: "I want my Cake and to See it too!" A UI Request Thread!

Postby Maydae » Sat May 13, 2017 12:23 pm

Kim! wrote:

After a craft has finished, change the item picture or slot background to reflect the crafted quality. This could also get extra functionality like doing a long click to open the "exceptional craft"/gem upgrade menu on that craft.

(Sorry for the potato picture quality, paint isn't being friendly right now)

Kim! wrote:

Team building... I would LOVE to see a fully fleshed out option for this. My dreams version would also include extra info about the team. ie, something like this:
Add a button for us to create new teams in the Inn somewhere. On the team creation page, give us the usual quest group select-y menu and let us save these groups for fast selection later. Basic info on the first page and a second tab with extra info would be amazing. Let us save at least 5 groups, or possibly 8-12 for those who are more creative. Then on the quest screen let us see quick previews of our teams (maybe just the leader, team name, and how many are ready to go) and auto-fill the heroes into the quest team.

Ideally it would include...
1. Some way to identify teams (like a name or a color)
2. Info on hero and team power
3. Info on which heroes are ready/dead/questing
4. A detailed stats page showing our favorite skills like revive, healer, support, etc. Would also like to see this color coded, like turn a number green if the stat is maxed, or red if a downed hero is negatively affecting the stat.
5. Quick access to hero gear/profiles

I've probably forgotten some stuff but if we're getting a saved team option it'd be neat to see more fuctionality than just remembering 6 heroes.

And a misc. wishlist (think I've posted these before):
  • A button to lock all furniture so we don't accidentally move it while scrolling
  • Ability to filter our inventory/cauldron lists by quality and level, like we can for trade
  • Delete button in the cauldron and trade inventory menus
  • A counter to show how many of each chest type has been opened
  • A notification when a worker building boost turns off
  • Do something about the 25+ notifications in a row when we fill city requests maybe?

I heart ALL of this

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Re: "I want my Cake and to See it too!" A UI Request Thread!

Postby VeNoM0619 » Sat May 13, 2017 3:53 pm

Kim! wrote:[*] A notification when a worker building boost turns off

Loved all the ideas, but wanted to expand on this one, notification may not be required:
Resources: wood/leather/herbs are currently being boosted,
For workers:
Weapon/armor are both boosted, clicking brings up the donation/boost building interface. Displays ALL stats and their totals (as well as the total mastery)
Also, displays craft times, color coded preferably - anything above 5 minutes has a color, anything above 1 hour has another color. Probably put the timer down at the bottom, not top, and shift everything up. People care about the boosts, because of the craft time, seeing those times before crafting helps.
I didn't edit them in, but also put the item levels in there.
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Re: "I want my Cake and to See it too!" A UI Request Thread!

Postby inVoh » Sat May 13, 2017 7:00 pm

All are nice changes, but the two main ones that are above the rest are:

1. Set threshold for exceptional craft. I craft everything at Good+, which means everything is exceptional. Please let me set it to Epic+ because I'm never going to upgrade Flawless or lower.
2. Set Hero teams. I hate having to manually set my hero teams every time I send them out on a mission. Preset Teams would be amazing!

Honourable Mention: Locking Furniture so we don't accidentally click on them... especially carpets would be nice!

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Re: "I want my Cake and to See it too!" A UI Request Thread!

Postby Prometheus » Mon May 15, 2017 4:56 pm

Wow bravo guys, would love to see all the previous improvements in the game :o

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Re: "I want my Cake and to See it too!" A UI Request Thread!

Postby cc_Darkis » Tue May 16, 2017 11:33 am

Oh man you guys are crafty that's for sure! Thanks for adding in the visuals as you would be surprised how far that can go to get your point across.

Keep them coming as I'll have a nice presentation for the Team by end of week with all your suggestions.
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Re: "I want my Cake and to See it too!" A UI Request Thread!

Postby CHRI5 » Tue May 16, 2017 11:43 am

Can we make it so the + and - buttons actually work when trying to invest in a building. Having to slide the bar all the time is horrible as it sticks sometimes and you over invest. It would make life easier when at a building trying to invest.

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Re: "I want my Cake and to See it too!" A UI Request Thread!

Postby Lhunara » Tue May 16, 2017 11:47 am

I agree with lots of the requests in this thread already but here are a few I didnt see posted.

1) Show item levels in the crafting and inventory screens.
2) Show what items are locked, maybe a different background shade on the item card, or a small symbol.
3) Allow us to invest into city buildings by an amount of time (say 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 hours).

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Re: "I want my Cake and to See it too!" A UI Request Thread!

Postby VeNoM0619 » Tue May 16, 2017 8:45 pm

Okay, you said that image mockups were better, so I decided to spend an hour instead of 5 minutes enhancing everything I could think of. Pardon the clutter, but there's a reason for everything added:

Quest Screens: this will help players understand mechanics more (break chances), but also help with theory crafting.

Start Quest:
Instead of just ETA time, also add a "estimated rest time/revive time" counter by shrinking required power. Also (not in screenshot) have the total % healer displayed.
Also display appropriate QUEST (not gear) related stats, move characters up, display individual rest timers (because of energetic + heal), and revive chances (because of revive + lucky)

After claiming quest loot: Show break down of the events

Immediately collect the artifacts/loot rolled:
COMBINE the loot roll spin (animated) + artifacts (totals before/after) into one: injured timers+lucky+revives + broken item counts
When clicking the loot rolled, instantly show the trade house request screen for the item + discard button (since it was immediately collected before this screen, no problems)
Continues to the item repair page if something still needs repair, otherwise, everything basic is done in ONE SCREEN (not 2), this may look cluttered because of the bad paintshopping
If there is ever an "no deaths" event, use that icon instead of just a "ready" so we still know if someone was still saved.

Clicking "stats" (or maybe call it gear?) is a "toggle" clicking it again brings back to "Loot"

Stats will show the following important information:
  • x items were broken (with their % break chances before/after skills like supplier etc) - Portrait of hero + item (portraits taken from the buildings screen)
  • x items were saved by Resourceful
  • x items were saved by Support
    If all items were protected from unbreakable event, show the green shield icon if there was something that was supposed to break
Clicking and holding only allowed on broken items, and brings up the repair window for all items broken.
Shade the items appropriately (gray = nothing happened, light red = broken, light blue = saved, light green = fixed/repaired).
Left and right arrows to go between 3 heroes at a time (unless you can manage to shrink things more)

Optional alternatives - instead of showing heal timer, show stats like supplier/fastidious/support/etc. (I would probably prefer this, as heal timer is redundant of the 1st screen)
Also, if the 1st item row looks too cluttered, then the 2nd row is provided as an alternative
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Re: "I want my Cake and to See it too!" A UI Request Thread!

Postby VeNoM0619 » Tue May 16, 2017 8:52 pm

Adding onto my previous screenshot...
Added item levels
Added blueprint progress status (how many mastered, found, still left to find in chests, exclusive/pay only)

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