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Postby Serse » Wed May 31, 2017 2:57 pm


at first: Nice Game!

But the Cauldron needs muuuuch too long. Is there a possibility to create a building or something that can shorten the time?
The long waiting periods spoils the mood a bit more... every day.
In many places in this game is it a choice between money and gems... why not at the cauldron?
It's really annoying.

Hope it will change someday. Soon. Last week.
(why do you need to know, that Candice has made a shiny Sword and Burt has fulfilled the town-requirement of Penelope... but if you want to have a blue item you have one and a half day to wait? I don't get it)

Keep up! Really like the game =)

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Re: Cauldron

Postby Kim! » Wed May 31, 2017 3:33 pm

So, not quite what you asked for but there are some tricks to speed up fusion. :) The biggest one if that if you mix multiple types of items around the same level it'll cut down fuse times... 2 different items cuts fuse times in half, 3 types brings it down to a third, etc. So if have have multiple items you need around similar levels you can mix them in the cauldron as "fuse buddies" to speed it up some. You can also try more creative fuses (like CF or 4F1E) to cut down on the number of fuses needed - though this does add randomness to the results.

Anyway, back to the initial suggestion, even with mixed fuses some things still take days so I wouldn't mind seeing times shortened a little there (mostly on 45+ items is when it gets ridiculous). But I'm not too sure about letting us speed it up with a building, I feel like that might be a little too powerful given how important fusion is and how cheap gold is.

Also just curious, if we got a building with an instant boost to reduce fuse times, what would the building itself be for? I'm having trouble thinking of anything it could unlock as it levels up ^^;

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Re: Cauldron

Postby VeNoM0619 » Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:12 am

Add cauldron to the list that needs a better tutorial/tip system.

Mixing items for speed.
Mixing qualities/levels for better results.

Also agreeing with Kim, a fuse building wouldn't be practical. It would be one of those "required full time boosts", adding extra clicks for something so common.

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Re: Cauldron

Postby Shiroe » Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:43 am

Super long fuses == those last few bits of gear to min/max your questing/PVP-ing etc.
Once you get to that point, you'll likely have energetic+healer teams in place already, can do your city's raid minimums while half asleep, probably run shards and horns enough to keep your own crafting suppplied, so until new content is added "will I succeed in fusing up this item?" is mostly the only real endgame content left. So as much as I'd like 10 cauldron slots or faster fusing, I'd first want a real purpose for the fuse results other than 3 or 4 energetic+revive horns questing teams or 100K power PVP heroes...

(still at zero mythical Archangel's Gloves and Gaia's Flutes, even though I've been slowly working on them since shards became questable, though the new potion might speed things up with now 3 usable lvl 49s to fuse together.)

@Kim: maybe a building that unlocks tower levels and/or heroes for it if that PvE "endless" tower idea ever gets implemented? (Castle slowly unlocks more heroes for PvP, so why not a building that unlocks levels/heroes for such an other mini game)
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Re: Cauldron

Postby Ilaoi » Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:06 am

I have an suggestion for the cauldron if you make an mistake in combination items.

I have often the problem if I make an mistake in put Items together for the cauldron an the fusing is started all my 4 slot has around the same fusingtime. So suggestion was that you can click on all slot for seeing what in the slots are fusing to find the rigth to break up. Would make working whit cauldron easyer.
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Re: Cauldron

Postby Jandiraye » Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:56 am

I believe reducing the price of slots to go with adding a tier fusion option would be neat.

With the tier fusion option it would take less time over all to go from common to epic (etc) but you would just get to dump the right amount of common pieces in at one time instead of waiting to go up one quality level each and every time.

Because as it stands now I can put four common into the cauldron and only get 1 good quality in return. Or put in 2, wait, put in the next 2, wait and then have 2 good qualities.

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