To those responsible

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To those responsible

Postby PsY20 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:37 am

To those responsible,

I've been playing Shop Heroes for quite some time now and had to discover, that the game has essential weaknesses at many places that seriously restrict the user experience.
This contribution is meant as open criticism and implies the hope that this game might evolve in some points.

General UI Handling & Usability:
Let's start with player inventory. The items are grouped by category, which is okay. Unfortunately the sorting within the groups is extremely unsatisfactory. The items are not sorted according to level, quality or similar, which makes finding a particular item a real challenge.
The items themselves also dont show their level. I know that the item-level is hidden behind the follow-up menu, but the usability is really bad and this solution is really time-consuming.
In addition, I miss that the inventory has no option to filter or search through specific criteria. For example, item levels or quality levels. If I want to use a few cheap epics in the cauldron, I have to click through all categories to find promising items for recombination.
As a player you can see an interface, which looks pretty nice, but isnt very expressive and only holds very little information. This makes playing time consuming and annoying.

These also belong to the usability of the game.
It is positive that the ESC key is available as shortcut. This is probably analogous to the infamous "back"-key in the app version.
Personally, I would appreciate more hotkeys in certain places, for example to accelerate the selling process in the shop.
Obviously, this demand isn't reasonable for the app, but the mouse has a few characteristics as an input medium, you're not confronted at a touch display using your fingers.
I think it is generally known that working with the keyboard is way faster than with the mouse.
Especially, if you must click through a lot of windows to get to a specific place, which gets very annoying.

Market intransparency:
In a word: The auction house needs a rework. The market is extremely obscure to the player. For each item, you will see the lowest bid and the amount of items currently on the market.
This provides enough information for some initial conclusion, but you don't have an idea about the real value of an item at the time.
Many offers are hopelessly overpriced (or sometimes too cheap). Since you only have the minimum and no further information, you are completely blind here.
It should be thought about giving the user more overview about the current market situation.

Second point to the AH is the constant underbidding by minimal amounts. Let's say you offer an item for a fair price of say 100 million gold to the AH. A little later you see that someone else had the glorious idea to offer the same item for 99,999,999 gold instead of 100 million.
This is, in my opinion, not a new quotation. The effect is however quite clear: I get left with my offer, while the competitor gets rid of his goods. I would have to check all my bids every 10 minutes and if necessary adjust the prices again. Excuse me, but this is not very entertaining.
Either you make the market more transparent, provide more information and allow other bids than the lowest to be bought. Or you regulate the market accordingly and make it so that there must be significant price gradiations, where the demanders can see a difference. Because as a demander I have no preference whether I buy for 100 million or 100 million minus 1 gold.

I'm very critical towards the roulette. You see a circular area, which is divided into 12 equal (!) pieces.
This might suggest that each piece is equally likely to be reached, right? Yes. Unfortunately, no!
It is no secret that there are other probabilities behind the scene and for example popular keys drop much more rarely than gold.
In principal this is okay for the balancing of the game, but PLEASE make this transparent!
Either the key does not appear at every roulette rotation, or you completely replace the roulette and chooses a completely different representation, that doesnt stir up false (but justified) hope.

Lastly, a point that has started to annoy me for a while: the recombination probabilities in the cauldron. Many will agree that the cauldron is the most limited resource in process of itemcrafting. Even if you have acquired all slots during the mid-game, the cauldron remains the limiting factor in crafting good equipment.
The actual problem I have is that I seriously doubt the presented probabilities. I know some people will say: 'you just had bad luck'. This might be true sometimes, but anyone who is basically familiar with probability calculation, knows that at the end of a day and after a sufficient number of attempts, there is no luck or misfortune.
I have the serious impression that there are some things wrong with the randomness in this game, and there are other probabilities on the road which are not displayed. Whether this is a bad implementation, a bug or intentional I would not like to evaluate at this point. But for the player this situation is extremely unsatisfactory.
In the case of the cauldron you get - as opposed to the roulette - not only implicitly but also explicitly displayed a concrete probability, and I would like to be able to rely on this!

I think you could expand this list by one point or another. But in my mind the points written here are the ones that wreck the joy playing Shop Heroes the most.

Best regards

Please consider fixing the SSL issue with this website.

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Re: To those responsible

Postby VeNoM0619 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:29 am

General UI Handling & Usability:
Have hope, lots of people are suggesting putting a filter on inventory (like the tradehouse filters)

Tieing ESC into the functionality shouldn't be too much effort, plus it makes sense.
I personally use the PC version, and don't use the keyboard much, and not needing to use the keyboard for casual games is sort of appealing. However adding functionality is fine with me.

Market intransparency:
Agree, lots of improvements can be done to the tradehouse.
The undercutting is quite infuriating, agree. That's why they did the 6 hours "you can't remove it" thing at the start. Then the upgraded slots removed this, so I find myself fighting every 10 minutes. It is silly, just don't know of any good fixes sadly.

Agree, all games lie about perceived odds. You basically learn to not trust games, because if it's shady enough to lie to you about virtual things, what will they lie about to get your money? It has already been admitted to be "Wheel of Gold" by CC themselves, however next patch its rumored to get "fixed".

Lots of flaws involving RNG as a game concept.
1) RNG is never perfect (its actually called pRNG)
2) There's the fact that people tend to remember bad events more than good events.
3) People always expect good things to happen more than bad. When flipping a coin, if it lands on tails, they generally assume its going to be heads next because of expectations. Just like when given 63% chance at mythical, they assume it will succeed - EVERY time, because its above 50%.

Point #3, is probably the most important (which is linked to #2). When people roll the 1% bad luck, they are outraged. But rolling the 1% good luck, they don't post about it. I've had no problems with the cauldron and luck (I just rolled a 1.5% good luck a few days ago, but I won't make a post about it, so unfortunately all you hear is about bad luck).

There have been many posts on the cauldron luck, and eventually, sample size becomes the final factor (testing 10 or even 50 items is never enough)

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Re: To those responsible

Postby cc_Darkis » Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:15 am

Please consider fixing the SSL issue with this website.

Please send in a ticket about this as I'm unsure what error you are getting or where from.
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Re: To those responsible

Postby akerson » Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:04 pm

ssl was fixed, assuming you're using
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Re: To those responsible

Postby PsY20 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:57 pm

Thanks for the replies.

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one experiencing problems and there are other players who make suggestions for improving the game.
I REALLY hope that improvements will be made in the future.

@cc_Darkis & @akerson
Yes, this is right, I meant
I got a browser warning, that the website uses an invalid security certificate (SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN).
I was using firefox and visited the website via https. Does the website support https at all?

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