suggestion: move the package timer triggering completely server-side

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suggestion: move the package timer triggering completely server-side

Postby Shiroe » Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:11 am

If server-side, you could at any chosen time just "press a button" to start the 14 day package timer, so you wouldn't get into no-win situations like "oh, the stores were slow at approval of the client update and now the hardcoded package timer has already started a few days ago, but if we delay the update to after the raid, we lose another 3-4 days on the timer".

(maybe to be safe add a "minimum client version" field to the DB table where the client on login could then fetch a list of active packages, in case the update is small and doesn't block the previous client version (which likely wouldn't contain the package assets) from still functioning (which is I think about half the time for SH, looking at the times I did or didn't get a popup on login on mobile that downloading the new update was mandatory right then) . )

You already have those many stores making release scheduling a pain in the butt, so let's chip away the stuff that makes it even more complicated...

(If I'd browse through some of my own old code, I'm sure there are also lots of "least bad/least impractical at the time" choices there, like package timers hardcoded into the client probably was. ;) )
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